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Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2019

Dropbox Gmail Mashup Tool

Whenever you need to send a large file to someone via email, you end up with a complex set of choices to make in order to get the file sent and received.

For those Dropbox fans out there that also use Gmail, there’s really simple solution to this common problem.

An awesome Chrome browser add-on called ‘Dropbox for Gmail’ makes this complex problem super simple to deal with even if your recipient doesn’t use Dropbox themselves.

It completely eliminates the need to upload the file to your email account or deal with the size limitations on both ends, because it simply creates a link to the file that you already have stored on Dropbox.

You’ll never have to send one file at a time or jam everything into a Zip file in order to get your files received.

If you have a large number files, you can share a link to an entire folder in your Dropbox account and the tool makes adding files that you receive via Gmail easy to upload to Dropbox as well.

Get it here: