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Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2019

Free Daily Social Media Course

Using one or more social media platforms has become standard operating procedure for virtually every business out there, but many smaller businesses are still struggling with just how to best leverage these powerful tools.

It starts by getting some of the basic precepts down which will lead to building your organizations strategy.

Anyone struggling with basics can actually just take a course to get started.

Not the kind of course that requires you to go to a classroom for hours on end, but one that gets delivered to you and only takes a few minutes per lesson to learn something new.

This option is available from the social media posting company known as Buffer which offers a free daily course that only requires you to spend a few minutes every day reading.

It’s not going to make you an expert next week, but it will help you get started on the building blocks necessary to be successful.

If you’ve been avoiding social media for your business, see if this approach gives you what you need to feel confident in moving forward: