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Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2019

Unique Hotel Option

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Connecting people with similar needs is one of the greatest aspects that the Internet offers.

When it comes to those that travel, connecting those that have an unneeded hotel reservation with those that need one is being done by a website called Roomer.

It’s like those services that connect people around sporting or festival tickets.

They take all the complexity of trying to offload unused hotel reservation nights by selling them to other that want them.

When I took the site for a test run, the best results were clearly in larger cities.

For instance, I found a hotel room in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City for $76 a night that normally costs $170 a night as long as you’re able to stay the 6 nights of the original reservation. 

If was able to track down a hotel room in an expensive part of Manhattan that was less than $100 a night as long as you used the entire reservation.

The best deals will also be available for those that are flexible on their dates.

Should you ever get stuck with a non-refundable reservation or if you want to find a smoking deal from someone that’s stuck with a reservation, check out: