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Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2019

Backcountry iPhone Compass App

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Fully functional maps on your phone are awesome when you’re on the road and have a solid connection, but if you spend any time off the grid, they can be pretty unhelpful.

If this scenario is something you experience or expect to experience down the road, an app called Anchor Pointer might be something to consider downloading.

It’s essentially a very powerful compass program that makes use of the GPS that will still function without a signal from a cell tower.

It allows you to create waypoints or ‘anchors’ along any path that you can use to help you return back safely.

You can place anchors all around the back country areas you’re visiting to help you keep tabs on where all the important locations are and how far away they are.

Just like the old timers that navigated the entire world with a compass, the app makes it easy to keep your bearings wherever you go.

It’s also helpful for creating a meet up point with others that have the app.

Check out the reviews and download it at: