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Original Air Date: May 6, 2019

Android Charge Monitoring App

Have you ever experienced charging problems when you jump from one charger to another? Do some chargers seem to work better than others?

Well, the fact is that if your charger isn’t the proper amperage for your device or you have a connecting cable that is starting to go bad, the charging times can be quite different.

If you think of amperage like water pressure, the lower it is, the longer it’s going to take to fill the bathtub.

The best results are achieved by using the factory shipped charger and cables; if you can’t, you really need to pay special attention to the rating of the substitute charger.

Fancy electronic devices can actually measure the true amperage and current, but for those with an Android smartphone, there’s an app for that!

An app called ‘ampere’ is an excellent way to monitor all the important aspects for charging your battery the proper way.

You can use the app while charging with your various chargers to see which ones are properly performing the task instead of just guessing.

Check out this free app for yourself at: