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Original Air Date: May 7, 2019

Faster Communications App

Unless you stop to think about how you communicate every day, you probably didn’t realize just how many ways you are doing it.

It starts with social media messaging platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram to stand alone apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp to video apps like Skype.

You have to think about who you want to communicate with, then which communication channel you want to connect with them on, then go to that specific app in order to start a conversation.

If you want a way to streamline this growing complexity, I’ve got a great suggestion for you.

The ‘Drupe’ app takes all your contacts and all your communication apps and puts them on a single screen!

The app allows you to drag any contact over to any of the communication apps without having to jump back and forth.

Drupe isn’t limited to working with communication apps alone, as financial apps, reminders and calendars are just a few other ways to leverage their approach.

The days of a single way to communicate with all your contacts is long gone, which is why Drupe may be just the app that makes things easier for all of us!: