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Original Air Date: May 21, 2019

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Here's a common problem most of us experience; setting goals we just aren't that motivated to accomplish without some type of external reinforcement.

If you use Google Calendar and want to try to keep your goals in front of you, there's a little feature that a lot of users still haven't looked into called 'Goals' that could help.

The idea behind the feature is to set common goals such as regular physical activity that your calendar will find a slot for on a regular basis, based on how often you want to make it happen.

What's really cool about the goals feature is that if you run into a scheduling conflict or don't accomplish the goal that day, it will get pushed to another day automatically to keep you on your goal.

You have to create your goals using the Google Calendar app first, which will then appear on your desktop computer when you access it through your browser.

The whole challenge with our goals usually includes reminding ourselves on a regular basis to pursue them, so now your calendar can at least help you with that part of the equation!

For instructions on how to create goals, go here: