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Original Air Date: May 20, 2019

Amazing Voice Recognition App

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A keyboard is the most common interface for most of your digital devices, but in the very near future, you could be primarily using your voice as an interface.

Even though companies like Apple and Google are leading the charge in the smartphone arena, there’s a lesser known company that seems to have them both beat.

A company known for it’s music recognition app called Sound Hound is now being lauded for it’s voice recognition app called Hound.

To see the future of voice recognition, checkout their demo video that seems to have a better understanding of complex voice commands.

In the video, you’ll see multiple examples of questions that would confuse most humans, much less a smartphone voice app.

Since it’s a demo video, it’s easy to question the validity of anything that works this fast with such complicated questions, but it’s an actual app you can test yourself.

The free Hound app is available for both major platforms at:

The impressive demo video is at: