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Original Air Date: May 17, 2019

Self-Terminating Email Messages

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By now, everyone should know how dangerous it is to send sensitive information via an email message that isn’t encrypted as anyone that comes in contact with the transmission can see everything in plain sight.

Email also makes it impossible to control what happens that a message once it’s sent.

For those situations where you want a lot more control over what happens to a specific message after you send it, checkout the Gmail extension called Dmail.

The free add-on provides you with the ability to have the message automatically self-destruct and always sends the message in an encrypted form.

Messages sent with the extension can be terminated in an hour, day, week or never, which then gives you manual control over when the message gets destroyed.

This isn’t intended for daily use, just for messages that contain sensitive info that you want to better control.

If you install it, the default setting is on, so make sure you turn it off when you don’t actually need it.

Download it at: