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Original Air Date: Jun 5, 2019

Retro Video App

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Download the MP3

I’ve got a video app for anyone that loves the #tbt hashtag on Instagram and Facebook to download to step up their game.

It’s called the ‘VHS Camcorder app and it’ll make any of your videos look like they were shot decades ago.

If you love those old school videos, you can ramp up the effects like tape noise and grainy filters as well as the classic date-time stamp that was a mainstay back in the day.

If you really want to pull off the ultimate fake, you can use any date you want using the app.

This app is all about taking your state-of-the-art smartphone camera and pushing it back to a previous century.

This app works on both Android and iOS devices and costs @$3, but that’s tiny price for such an epic retro effect on your videos!