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Original Air Date: Jun 12, 2019

Augmented Photo Touchup App

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Lots of professional photographers use expensive, complicated photo editing software to create images for high-fashion websites and magazines.

Unless you’re willing to spend the money and time to learn these sophisticated programs, it doesn’t make much sense for most users.

Touching up photos to make people look better than they are has generated some heat in professional circles, but there are situations where having the option is useful. 

Since we typically use our smartphones for taking most of our pictures, having the Perfect365 app on your phone for touching up images is most efficient.

As with most photo editing apps, you can use pre-defined touchup settings or go with the manual option for ultimate control.

It’s helpful with dark circles, blemishes, skin and teeth issues with nothing more than a tap or two.

It’s a pretty simple app that can help you try new looks by using augmented reality: