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Original Air Date: Jun 14, 2019

Conferencing Made Easy

If you’re like me and are involved with various groups that aren’t all in the same place, you find yourself on a fair share of conference calls.

More often then net, I’m forced to join the call using my smartphone, which can be a major pain.

When the opportunity presents itself, I try to convince the host to consider using UberConference - not associated with the car service - which is orders of magnitude more refined than those old platforms.

They’ve eliminated those irritating PINs, the beeps every time someone joins or leaves the call and they eliminated the guessing game about who is currently speaking with visuals.

Another awesome features is the host muting capability for any specific person, like the dumbo that put the conference on hold which subjects the whole group to their hold music.

This interface is especially useful for attendees that are joining via a mobile device, but equally as awesome on a desktop browser.

You can do a trial run with up to ten participants for free or step up to their full service package for @ ten bucks a month on an annual payment.

Check it out at: