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Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2019

Summer Heat Warning

As the heat from the season’s temperatures rise, so does our sensitivity to the environment which can lead to us getting a bit cranky.

But we’re not the only ones getting cranky from the heat as the batteries in your electronics get the same way when it gets uncomfortable.

Nothing shortens the life of the batteries in all you devices like heat, so always being aware of the temperature is a good thing.

One of the most harmful scenarios is when you leave your devices in direct sunlight, which amplifies the heat.

If possible, avoid turning devices on when they are hot to the touch from being in the sun or other high temperature situations. 

For all you avid laptop users, make sure you know where the air vents on your machine are and that you don’t block those vents when using them on soft surfaces, like on your bed.

The easiest way to manage this harmful scenario is to remember that when you’re uncomfortable from the heat, so are your devices!