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Original Air Date: Jun 26, 2019

Exposed Webcam Warning

This tip is a very important one for anyone that has setup an Internet connected camera for their business or home.

There are websites that have been setup to expose weakly secured webcams by the thousands by showing the live feed because whoever set them up left them with a well-known password.

The webcams are not only giving up their live streams, they provide location information as well because they're still setup using the factory installed sign in info.

The people putting these websites together see themselves doing public service by exposing this all-too-common oversight.

The factory set password can be found by anyone, not just hackers, for virtually every gadget you own, so leaving devices that are connected to the Internet without changing this password is a bad idea.

Remember, if you can access something remotely, potentially the entire Internet can if you make it possible.

Make sure you change the default username and password on every device connected to your network and the Internet or take the risk of unwittingly sharing it with the world.