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Original Air Date: Aug 21, 2019

Bypass Bloatware Installs

We’ve all been a victim of unwanted software sneaking into our computers through the installation of another program.

Everything from useless toolbars, to unneeded utilities to the irritating change of your browser’s start page can hit use through the use of bundled installs.

As long as companies are willing to pay others to include their junk programs, this problem will be around.

It’s an effective way to sneak in since most people don’t really pay to much attention to what they are agreeing to during the install.

That’s why we have always preached that you should alway select the advanced or custom install option whenever it’s available, because that’s where you can see what is attempting to sneak past you.

If you want a more sophisticated way to fight this scourge, checkout a free utility called Unchecky.

This tool will watch everything that’s being installed an uncheck the junk so you only get what you actually intended to install.

Download it at: