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Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2019

'Cache' In On This Tip

Part of what makes viewing things on the Internet more efficient is through a background process that happens automatically called ‘caching’.

This process keeps a copy of elements of any website that you’ve visited in the past in a special place on your hard drive, so it doesn’t have to download every item, every time you revisit the site.

While the process, 9 times out of 10, benefits you, there are times when something that’s cached can cause issues.

Websites that just don’t seem to be loading properly or updated info that you know exists but isn’t appearing can be caused by a caching problem.

Whenever you have a challenging issue with a website, you can quickly bypass the cache in Windows by holding down the Ctrl key and tapping the F5 key.

MacOS users can do the same by pressing Command-Shift-R (think reload) at the same time. 

This quick troubleshooting tip can help you avoid those irritating situations - if this works, it’s probably time to clear you cache:'s-Cache