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Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2019

Be Careful With Comment Links

It’s common knowledge these days that a high percentage of exploits start with a phishing message that’s cleverly crafted.

Phishing is such a big problem that even the most tech challenged users know to be very careful and suspicious with all email messages, which is why the bad guys are focusing on other less obvious places to start cultivating victims.

Something that’s been around for a while is getting more sophisticated and that’s setting traps in the comment section of popular websites. 

You’ll see lots of work at home or big money making schemes posted, which are pretty easy to know are spam posts, but that’s not what I want to warn you about.

Cleverly crafted comments from people that seem to be engaged in the conversation may include links to ‘verify’ their positions, but that’s where you need to be paying very close attention.

Avoid clicking the link and do your own search for what they claim is supporting evidence by putting whatever the headline is from the link they posted.

If the info is legit, it will have been indexed by Google, so don’t ever take any link at face value in the comments section of any website.