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Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2019

What Strange Sounds Can Mean

When you notice a strange vibration or noise while driving your car, you’ll take the time to try to figure out why, right?

For whatever reason, when it comes to your computer, you probably don’t have the same mindset.

Any unusual noise coming from any part of your computer is an indication that something mechanical inside is experiencing a problem.

Any type of grinding sound can be the bearings on one of your cooling fans, so if you notice a noise and then it goes away on its own, that could mean that it’s no longer spinning and cooling.

When a cooling fan stops spinning, not only is it no longer extracting heat, it’s acting as an insulator.

One of the most damaging sounds is clicking, especially when it’s associated with the inability to get your computer to start up. It’s generally a sign that you’ve get a mechanical issue with your hard drive.

It’s natural to want to try to get the computer to start, but repeated attempts to start a failing hard drive can cause further irreparable damage, which can mean that the data will become unrecoverable.

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