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Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2019

Video Doorbell Reminder

Adding some type of DIY security at your front door with one of the various doorbell camera options is growing in popularity, but before you decide to get one, we’ve got some advice for you.

Using your smartphone to see who’s at your door, complete with video and audio is awesome, but it depends greatly on the strength of the wi-fi signal at your door.

Even the most popular models that have been around for years and have lots of upgraded features will result in poor performance, especially if you want to see live video if your not getting a decent signal.

Because it’s so reliant on a good solid wifi signal, it’s best to do some testing before you decide to spend the money to get one.

Most of them are battery operated, but some require that you have a wire that rang a traditional doorbell for its power source, so pay attention to which one you are buying.

Another challenge for those that have Western exposures is direct sunlight, which can make the images in the video very difficult to make out.

A quick test of the signal strength can be done using your smartphone in airplane mode with the wi-fi turned on as your only connection.