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Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2019

Awesome Gmail Feature

Web-based email service, such as Gmail, have a number advantages over traditional email programs; one of the biggest advantages it that you are no longer tied to a specific machine in order to get to your messages.

Gmail is the most popular and if you use it every day like millions of others, you should learn some of the amazing shortcuts that can make it even more efficient.

Shortcuts are great, because you don’t have to leave the keyboard to navigate to another part of the program that would normally require a mouse click.

Navigation shortcuts generally start by tapping the letter g, then another letter such as a for all mail or d to pop over to the draft section.

You can see you sent messages withe g+t shortcut or get to your contacts by tapping g+c.

To allow these shortcuts to work, you’ll need to go to the Settings menu and turn them on in the General section.

There are so many really useful shortcuts that you can see at Google’s keyboard shortcut resource page: