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Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2019

Mac Computers Are Targets Too!

Anyone that pays attention to tech news has likely seen an increase in the number of security related stories focusing on the MacOS.

It may be time to think about installing some extra protection if you use a Mac computer.

The MacOS does have some protection built-into the platform, but there are situation where that may not be enough.

It's pretty easy to stay safe if you limit what and where you install into your computer and keep things updated, but if you have less attentive users in the house, extra security may be best.

Younger users that have a veracious appetite for anything on the Internet can put your Mac in higher risk situations.

The old mindset of having a Mac and not worrying about the constant threats that we all hear about is dangerous these days.

Any device you use that is connected to the Internet has someone out there attempting to exploit you, so being cautious with all of your devices is important these days.