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Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2019

Website Safety Rating Tool

Malicious websites have been setup all around the Internet just waiting for you to click on so they can attempt to exploit any unsuspecting visitors.

Lots of people preach that you shouldn't go to strange websites unless you know something about it, but that's a completely useless bit of advice in reality.

The next time you have to try to make a decision about whether you should take the risk of visiting a website that you aren't familiar with, checkout the free Site Safety Center from Trend Micro at:

The site is a huge database of websites and their associated reputation as well as real-time evaluation tools that will check for signs of a questionable or downright dangerous website.

Each website address you paste into their 'Check Now' section will came back with one of four ratings that range from safe, dangerous to suspicious or if it comes back as untested, it will be added for future testing.

The tool will also present you with information on the generaly category of information posted at the website for a better understanding of the posted content.

Making an informed decision about whether a website is safe or not is made a lot easier at: