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Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2019

Pay Apps for Free

Our phones become much more than a calling device with the introduction of apps, which made our phones ‘smart’.

The vast majority of users when searching for an app to fill a need, will default to finding something that’s free.

With millions of apps in the app stores, unless you’re constantly checking to see what’s new, you’re going to miss lots of apps that you may have found very useful.

That’s where an app that keeps track of newly free apps called Apps Gone Free can help.

Many app developers will choose to make an app that normally costs money free for a very short period of time in an effort to get more users quickly.

Without something like the ‘Apps Gone Free’ app, you’ll have no idea of the latest offerings.

It operates using editors that will research and review apps that are temporarily free and provide a synopsis so you can decide whether to give it a shot or not.

The app provides daily suggestions based on the latest offerings, so you can go to one place to see the latest and greatest in free apps.

Apps Gone Free (iPhone):

Comparable Android App: