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Original Air Date: Dec 23, 2019

Otter Voice Transcription App

The incredible technology that’s built into our smartphones is allowing ground breaking apps that use artificial intelligence possible.

One of my recent favorites is the Otter voice recognition and transcription app. It’s a no-brainer for recording interviews or taking meeting notes and easily sharing them with others.

The AI allows the app to recognize the various speakers in the conversation and assign them different numbers. If you tap on the number and give the speaker an ID, the app will tag the rest of the transcript with that speaker ID when they talk.

It also automatically generates summary keywords, so you can quickly identify themes from any discussion. The app isn’t just for your live recording sessions because you can upload any of your pre-recorded audio or video files to be transcribed as well.

It’s not perfect transcription, but it’s light years faster than the manual method.

The free version of the app allows you to generate up to six hundred minutes of transcripts per month with premium options if you need more.

Check it out at