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Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2019

Personal Financial Dashboard Tool

Paying attention to your long-term financial situation is something that everyone at any age should be focused on and quite frankly, the younger you start, the better.

If you one of the many that just hasn’t found the right tool to help you get started, I’d recommend checking out a website called Personal Capital.

In business, using a dashboard to track what’s happening is essential and doing the same with your personal finances is easy to do at

The dashboard will provide graphs and data that starts with your net worth and extends to any investment portfolios you own as well as all of your banking accounts.

All this data is what makes it easy to start playing with ‘what if scenarios’ to help you find a path to retirement that is realistic.

This isn’t about trading stocks, this is about granular financial planning and monitoring via their website or mobile app that makes it easy to stay on top of your current situation and progress.

Get your financial dashboard up and running today at