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Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2020

Photo Composition App

That smartphone you can’t live without is an incredibly powerful computer that would have been considered a supercomputer in that not so distant past.

These tiny little devices are capable of capturing our world in high resolution without you having to go to school to learn how to take photos.

There’s so much automagical technology built into our phones that will analyze the setting and quickly make decisions on your part in an attempt to create the best possible image given the circumstances.

BUT, none of that amazing technology will be of any value if you don’t get one of the basics down when you take your pictures and that’s composition.

A great way to learn how to take better pictures is by using an app called Camera 51, because it will alert you when your current shot isn’t the optimum shot.

It uses on-screen suggestions whenever you are taking a picture with the app, which will help you understand what you are doing wrong.

If composition isn’t something you understand very well, start learning today with the Camera 51 app: