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Tech Tips for Non-Tech People!

Data Doctors Tech Tips | Ken Colburn & Brandon Disney
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Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2020

Death By PowerPoint

Death By Powerpoint! It’s what so many people suffer when they simply load a bunch of data onto slides and wreathe off for an hour in front a unengaged crowd.

It’s bad enough if you’re not comfortable with public speaking, but it’s made even worse for your audience when you commit this tactical error.

If you’d like something a lot more visually stimulating, checkout the free presentation platform known as Prezi.

It’s a simple tool to master and will dramatically improve your presentations.

If you’re a PowerPoint warrior with lots of presentations, you can import them into Prezi so you’re not starting from scratch.

Because it’s so much more visual, you can reduce the amount of copy and stick to bullet points and images to tell your story to your audience, not talk to your slides.

When it’s all done, you simple provide the link to your audience instead of having to email a huge file!

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