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Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2020

Add Bluetooth to Old Speakers

I had one of those questions that when it was initially asked sounded kind of wacky, but once I let it sink in, it was actually a very good one.

They asked me if I knew of any way to make regular speakers usable with Bluetooth.

My initial thought was that wireless Bluetooth speakers are super cheap and readily available, but the sound quality can be a bit off.

They had a really nice set of speakers that just needed to be adapted to allow a Bluetooth signal, which is exactly what Logitech offers with their Wireless Speaker Adapter.

This small device has standard audio outputs, so it can be connected to a traditional stereo system or powered computer speakers.

As long as you have a way to amplify the signal coming out of the adapter, you can make virtually any traditional speaker a Bluetooth compatible sound system.

It’s a $40 device that can dramatically improve the quality of sound coming from any Bluetooth streaming device: