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Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2020

'Running To The Beat' App

No matter what you are doing to stay active, any type of physical activity is good for you, but if you like to jog or run to stay in shape, today’s tip is for you.

No doubt that just about everyone you see when you are out running has some earphones or earbuds in while they're exercising.

That’s just a testament to how powerful music can be as a motivator, especially if it’s in sync with your running pace.

The best songs are those that match your stride rhythmically, but creating a manual list of songs that work is a lot of work.

An app that I’ve featured many times before called Rock My Run makes it so much easier to have music playing that matches your pace.

It’s all based on BPMs or beats per minute which is what makes it possible to match your running strides.

Rather than creating your own, you can search the existing playlists to see which ones work for your workout.

You can try out the free commercial-sponsored version to see if it works for you and upgrade to the non-commercial, 'total control of the beats' version if you feel it’s worth the money.

Rock My Run is available for both iPhone and Android users at: