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Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2020

Regain Memory While Browsing

You probably take the ability to open various websites in their own tabs for granted, but if you were around for the early days, you know how the ‘back’ button was the way we used to switch pages.

Tabbed browsing is very convenient but when you open too many tabs, it can chew up gobs of valuable working memory.

The result can be very sluggish performance or even temporary freezing of your computer, so here’s a suggestion: download the Great Suspender utility!

It’s a free add-on for the Chrome browser which will keep track of what you are and aren’t using at any given moment so it can pause the tabs that you haven’t clicked on for a while.

Disabling the background activities saves memory and it could even extend battery life on your laptop if you typically have a lot of tabs open.

The cool thing with this utility is that as soon as you click on a tab you haven’t used in a while, it automatically restarts the activity.

For those pages that you do want to have actively working in the background, such as a stock ticker, you can simply add them to a list in the utility so it’s always left alone.

Here’s the link to download The Great Suspender: