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Original Air Date: Jun 18, 2020

Virtual Wine Assistant

The general interest in wine has exploded over the past few decades, but so many are intimidated by the sheer breadth of choices that are presented at grocery stores, wine shops and restaurants.

Learning so much takes time, but you can accelerate your learning and discovery with an app called Hello Vino.

Since you’ll never really get a grip of every one of the over 10 thousand varietals of wine grapes, why not make things easier by focusing on food pairings.

Discovering those magical food and wine pairings will expand your appreciation for the nectar of the gods quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the right wine for a backyard BBQ or the best to match multiple dishes at a fancy restaurant, Hello Vino is your wine assistant.

If you get asked to select a wine for a group at a restaurant, it’s so much easier if you start with what your friends are going to order for dinner or appetizers. 

The app makes it really easy to find the best types of wines that will work, so you can find the right options even when the wine list is huge.

Try it out for yourself at: