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Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2020

Duplicate Image Locators

Chances are, you have several devices that you use regularly that can take amazing high-resolution photos, but that can also come with a downside.

All the advances in image capture technology mean that all those images are going to much larger in storage size than older low-resolution camera technology, which can eat up space on your hard drive.

For those that have been copying everything from computer to computer over the years, it’s highly likely that you may have a lot of space taken by duplicate images.

Unless you have been extremely disciplined in how you organize your images, filtering out the duplicates manually just isn’t going to be very efficient, which is where some free utilities can help.

The programs are designed to scan a folder or your entire hard disk to find all of the duplicates for you to review. Depending on how many files you have stored, the initial scan can take a long time, so plan accordingly.

If you are interested in trying these utilities, here’s the link for Mac users (ignore the apps attempts to get you to buy the pro version):

And here’s the link for Windows users: