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Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2020

Google Security Checkup Reminder

The ongoing efforts by cyber-thieves to take over your online accounts are getting more sophisticated, so reviewing security information regularly is critical.

Google offers a host of features that allow you to quickly see your account activity, including when, where and with what device it’s been accessed.

Their security dashboard allows you to see this important log-in information for the past 4 weeks, which helps you to know if you have been compromised.

Most of the time, the general location information is included which should make it a little easier to figure out what device that you own is being used.

The real value is when you see something logged in from either a strange device or a strange location and indicate that you don’t recognize the device.

Google will immediately suggest that you change your password and include the link to get it changed.

This same page offers a link to do a security checkup: which I’d recommend you do at least once a month.

Here’s where it’s all available: