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Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2020

Child Monitoring App

In the age of technology, it’s a given that all new parents will commit to some form of a baby monitor of some type.

A rather unknown option for monitoring your child, especially if you are going to be on the road is the app for Android devices known as Dormi.

The app is a way to allow two Android devices to become a way to monitor your child no matter how far away you may be.

Traditional baby monitors require you to be nearby, but because the Dormi app can leverage cellar devices, it allows you to be just about anywhere and still keep tabs on your child.

Beyond providing a way to see and hear your child, you can also use the platform to speak to them as well.

You can use the basic service for free or pay a one time fee to use it forever.

Now those old Android devices that are collecting dust in a closet somewhere can become useful again with the Dormi app!