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Original Air Date: Aug 7, 2020

Avoid Fake Malicious News Sites

Whenever we hear about a salacious news story or some dramatic world event, it’s not uncommon to jump onto a search engine to find more information.

Blindly trusting the results that come up in a search query isn’t nearly as safe as it used to be because there are so many cybercriminals trying to game the system.

They quickly create websites that can appear to be legitimate news sources but instead are websites rigged to see if you are missing any updates or have holes in your security system.

While the search engines do their best to quickly identify these rogue websites in their results, even being up for an hour or so can wreak serious havoc, so the bad guys keep doing it.

Today’s tip is designed to encourage you to change this behavior if it’s your default move.

Instead of a general search, keep your trusted news sources as bookmarks in your browser or use their associated smartphone app to do your research.

Apps like News360 aggregate a large number of news sources for any given story, so it’s a great way to find the breaking news in a much safer way.