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Original Air Date: Sep 3, 2020

Resize, Reshape & Retouch Images

One feature of our smartphones that continues to get better is the quality of the images that they can capture.

Even the cheapest smartphone camera today dramatically outperforms the top of the line point and shoot digital camera from a decade ago.

One side effect of these glorious images that we can snap on our phones is that all those extra pixels that are captured increases the size of each image.

These super high-resolution images can be problematic when you need to email a large number of them or be too much for uploading to a website.

Another common issue is getting an image to the exact size that’s required for our various social media profiles and pages.

Lots of sophisticated software programs have the ability to make the changes, but for those without any tools, there’s the tool.

It’s a fully functioning tool to resize, reshape and retouch your images without the hassle and expense of installing a special program.

It’s one of those obvious bookmark sites for those occasional times you need to manipulate your images!