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Original Air Date: Oct 2, 2020

How Junk Files Build Up

One of the common irritations we all deal with is watching a computer take forever to shut down or restart.

Being impatient and using the power button to force the shutdown prematurely will create some hidden issues for your computer.

The longer you’ve gone between restarts or shutdowns, the longer it can take for the computer to get rid of all of the items the temporary files that it was using.

This automatic cleanup occurs during a shutdown, so when you cut the power, you don’t allow it to get rid of the junk files.

This buildup of unnecessary files can eat up valuable empty disk space, which your computer needs to operate properly.

For any Windows users that know they are guilty of this no-no, the Disk Cleanup program will get rid of the junk.

And this advice is not Windows-specific as all operating systems have a similar cleanup process, so always be patient!