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Original Air Date: Oct 8, 2020

Google Search Power Tip

If you’re searching for something on the Internet, the most likely place you’ll start is at Google’s search engine site because it’s so incredibly powerful.

If you use too generic of a search term, you end up with a lot of junk in the results, which is where operators can help dramatically improve the quality of your results.

There’s a fairly unknown option to ask Google to provide results in a range that can be extremely helpful under certain circumstances.

To tell Google you want information within a certain numeric range, you simply add 2 periods with no space before or after between 2 numbers that constitute the range.

An example would be if you are searching for information within a certain range of years, such as ‘downtown Phoenix 1900..1960’ or if you are shopping for something, you may use ‘laptops $700..$1000’.

Including any symbols that denote the format of the number can also help Google bring up much more relevant results which can save you lots of time!