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Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2020

Alt Codes Made Easy

You may have noticed on random social media profiles that some weird characters are being used for their name or title.

These characters are not represented by any of the standard keys on your keyboard, but they are possible via what are known as Alt codes.

To see how this works, try holding down the alt key in either Windows or Mac (aka option) and tap the number 2 to have the trademark symbol appear.

These special characters go back to the old DOS days with 255 different keystroke combos that produce a plethora of symbols.

If you’re really into memorizing just trivial things, you can try or for a less involved way, check out a number of websites that will provide you with all of them and much more.

An example would be that makes it easy to copy and paste any character you want without having to remember all the key combinations.

Whether it’s a symbol or character used in a foreign language, this is a much easier way to go.

This classic resource also created an iPhone app some time ago for characters on the go: