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Original Air Date: Dec 28, 2020

Apps for Finding Free Apps

Smartphones are more smart and less phone these days because of apps.

There are millions of apps to choose from, but most of us look for a free app whenever we do go searching.

To add to the complexity, there are hundreds of apps popping up on a daily basis, so keeping up with it all is difficult.

Would you believe that a free app could be the best way to find other free apps?

An app called ‘Apps Gone Free’ does just that every day so you can find them more efficiently.

Apps benefit from having the download numbers as high as possible, so they’ll often allow free downloads of an app that would normally cost money to pump up their stats.

The Apps Gone Free approach makes it much easier to know when a valuable app becomes available for free.

You’ll get some specific insights into the temporarily free app so you can decide if you want it before it becomes a paid app again.

It’s a one-stop free app shop!

Apps Gone Free (iPhone):

Similar Android App: