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Original Air Date: Dec 29, 2020

Why Kids Are Cyber-Targets

When it comes to understanding how to protect yourself, the approach of thinking like a hacker helps you to plug the holes they’d typically exploit.

Your personal info is valuable on the dark web, so finding ways to sneak into your computer is high on the list for them.

Hackers know that kids are much less concerned about cybersecurity, so they’ve long focused on setting traps that younger users will most likely fall into.

Downloading free stuff from the Internet is almost a game for kids and teenagers and the bad guys know this well.

They also understand how little security has been established on most home computers, which is another reason they target younger users.

It’s not uncommon to have entire families sharing the same user profile on a computer, which they count on.

Separating kids from parents with separate profiles is a key step in protecting your information.

The parent’s profile can have administrative access while the kids should be limited to protect what can happen if they are tricked.

If you’re sharing your full-access profile with younger users, consider this a wake up call!