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Original Air Date: Jan 5, 2021

Educational App for Kids & Grandkids

It’s not hard to understand how younger children are becoming hooked on using an iPad all day long, but it’s not necessarily the best thing for them.

What they’re doing on the iPad all day long is the most important thing to consider and if your kids are in the 5 to 12-year-old range, the folks at Osmo have a platform you might want to check out.

Unlike other iPad apps, Oslo focuses on using the screen to bring the real world into the child’s interactions.

They’ve devised a clever system that incorporates the camera on the iPad along with a tripod and a mirror to allow the app to see what your child is holding.

With so many interactive options to keep your child stimulated and entertained, this iPad app will improve the quality of the time they’re spending on the device.

There’s a wholly interactive and educational world awaiting your child at