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Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2021

Chore Management Made Easy

Any parent of several children knows the chore of getting them to do their chores can be.

Lists posted on the frig, chalkboards or sticky notes are all common attempts, but there’s actually an app that could make this weekly process more enjoyable for everyone.

You can use your kids fondness for their smartphones and an app called ToDoist to keep them on track of their chores.

Instead of being the parent that has to constantly harp on their kids to get their chores done, the app does all of the work for you.

The free version can easily handle most chore lists and households of up to 5 kids, but if you find it useful, it may be work paying for the premium version.

It’s pretty easy to create individual chores that have to be done every week, then assign them to various members in your family.

It becomes a bit of a game as their smartphone will remind them to get their chore done and mark it as completed so the activity chart gets updated for everyone to see.

It’s also a great way to divide up the tasks in a household full of roommates. Learn more at