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Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2021

Our New Favorite App for Lists

The popular list-making app known as Wunderlist has been acquired and put to rest by the folks in Redmond, Washington, which means it’s time to find a replacement app.

Microsoft is trying to get Wunderlist fans to use their replacement app, but it’s just not up to par.

A while back, I began searching for a solid replacement and found in an app called AnyList.

It provides the same top-notch list-making options but adds some really cool options that I really found useful, like integrating with the various smart-speaker platforms.

This means you can use voice commands t add items to any of your lists.

If you love to cook, the app makes it easy to import recipes from a lot of popular food sites so you have all of the needed items on your shopping list.

While you’re shopping, simply tap an item when you put it in your basket so it goes away or you can share the list with anyone.

It’s a free app with in-app purchasing options and available for all major smartphone platforms at