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Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2021

Smartphone-Based Thermal Cameras

The ability to see things in the dark is possible through the process of thermal imaging.

In the past, unless you had a professional use for these hi-tech cameras, it was difficult to justify the cost, but not anymore.

The processing power of your smartphone combined with an app and a special attachment can inexpensively give you the ability to see in the dark!

A company called Seek Thermal has a series of devices that connect to most major smartphones via their power charging port to provide thermal imaging.

Once connected, you can take pictures or video in the dark to see what the human eye can’t see.

You’re not going to get super-high-resolution images from their system, but if you want to see if something is lurking in the dark, it’s effective.

Beyond the security aspect, these types of cameras are great for seeing where heat is escaping from your home or where your pipes are getting clogged by using hot water in them.

There really quite useful and affordable these days: