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Original Air Date: Feb 4, 2021

Sounds of a Potential Failure

When you notice some new sound when you are driving your car, you know that ignoring it could lead to some very expensive repairs.

If you don’t use the same caution when you hear new strange sounds from your computer, the same expensive outcome could greet you.

Generally speaking, any rubbing or grinding sound coming from any computer means that a moving part has deteriorated or is about to fail.

One of the most important items to function properly on any computer are the cooling fans, which also commonly make noise before they fail completely.

What can be even worse is when those strange noises stop on their own and you just go about your business.

When a cooling fan completely goes dead, it will stop making noise and allow severe overheating issues to occur.

Popping, clicking and whirring sounds that are new are all early indications of a potential mechanical failure, so be sure you pay attention when your computer is trying to tell you something!

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