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Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2021

Easy App to Pay Others

Ever been out with a group of friends having a great time and when things wind down, you end up in the awkward process of figuring out who is going to pay for what?

A generous friend will sometimes offer to pay the bill and let everyone pay him for their share, which is fine if everyone has some cash to cover their end.

But who carries cash anymore? The modern-day solution for this and many other situations where a small amount of money needs to be transferred is an app called Venmo.

Instead of trying to figure out if someone has proper change so you can pay your share, Venmo allows you to pay any amount to others.

It’s such a convenient way to send money to just about anyone because it so easy to use.

There’s no transaction fee to use the service when it’s tied to your debit card, which is what makes it so useful.

This slick service is great for roommates, family group purchases and a variety of other common real-life situations.

Getting Venmo on your phone and set up to pay others will come in very handy: