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Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2013


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It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip

If you’re part of a large group of friends that regularly goes out together, you can end up splitting checks, sharing cabs or reimbursing someone that prepaid for your theater ticket.

You can use cash if you happen to have the right change or keep a mental ledger, but it can get to be a bit complicated with a large group.

That’s where an app called Venmo could come in handy, because it allows you to securely transfer money to your friends without any fees.

Venmo will allow you to give your friend exactly $8.27 instead of the awkward moment when you realize that someone has to make change.

The transactions are protected by the FDIC and once you’ve setup your account, it only takes a few clicks to send a friend some money.

And because there are no transaction fees, you can send really small amounts of money to cover that soda your coworker bought for you, so they know you don’t take them for granted.

If you have roommates, splitting utility bills, rent and groceries is a constant juggling act that can be simplified with Venmo as well.

Not everyone has a need, but when you do, it can take a lot of the drama out of this commonly awkward social situation.