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Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2021

Avoiding the Wrath of Grammar Police

No matter where you go on the Internet, should you ever post anything that wasn’t quite grammatically correct, someone is going to point it out to you.

It’s a bit irritating to have others focus on how you said something instead of what you said, but that’s the Internet for you.

One way to minimize this type of feedback is to have a virtual assistant gently reminding you when there may be spelling or grammar errors through the tools available at

Whether you use your smartphone, tablet or computer to post things online, their tools can be at your side.

If you decide to try installing one their tools, you’ll suddenly start seeing indicators of possible issues well before you hit the button to save something online.

Another cool feature for serious writers is the feedback for your target audience as well as how informal or formal what you’ve written might be.

This is a freemium service, meaning the basic tools are free and if you want the advances features, you can decide to become a paying customer.