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Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2021

Cure FOMO with the Soon App

The concept of a ‘bucket list’ has become well known and even referred to by many of us, but the actual act of creating a list never really materializes.

If you think about it, creating a list of things you want to do is a big step towards actually making your dreams come true.

If you haven’t found the right tool for pursuing your bucket list, check out an app called Soon.

Soon isn’t just about visualizing those life-changing experiences around the world, it about creating lists of all the things you want to pursue.

Whether it’s a restaurant recommendation, musician to discover or a streaming series to binge that’s what this app is designed to help with.

When you add an item to the app, you choose a category that it fits under to help keep your lists organized.

The best part of the app is that it will automatically update the details of certain bucket list items that they have in their database.

If you like to journal your adventures, you can add your own notes to the app to enhance your memories.

Download it at: